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I’m Nikki, a Belief Change Coach from Auckland, New Zealand. I love my work, which is centred around helping people make important change in their life.
Neuroscience studies indicate that our subconscious is the source of 95% of our actions and beliefs, with conscious actions accounting for only 5%. So, it’s hardly surprising than more often than not, our subconscious thoughts win.

When your subconscious thoughts are toxic, and not serving you, it’s an uphill battle to change your reality. This is where I can help.

Think about the beliefs that are holding you back in your life. It is possible to transform them, create a new way of thinking and bring about positive change.

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what people are saying
Life changing - I don't say that lightly
"You don’t realise how many deep seated subconscious beliefs you carry around with you and how they shape your behaviour and interactions with others.

Nikki's a great listener,  asks appropriate questions to dig deeper to a root of behaviour and then is compassionate, caring and nurturing in helping your work through your subconscious beliefs. I really feel my relationships with my husband, daughter and with myself have improved greatly."
My eyes have been opened to a hopeful future
"I would like to acknowledge how amazing our sessions have been. The time I have spent with you has opened my eyes to a hopeful future. I have learnt a lot about myself and my core beliefs and I am now able to consciously recognize my 'subconscious' behaviors. You are warm, kind and encouraging and I am so grateful for the work we have done thus far. I will continue to engage in our sessions and I look forward to learning so much more."
meet nikki
I love working with clients here in New Zealand and also with clients overseas to transform their lives.
Not too long ago, I was working in the corporate world, living the 9-5 and perhaps like you, not really feeling fulfilled. It was just the start of things for me though, as I began to look into ways that I could change my present and make positive steps to getting the life I wanted.

It began with lots of reading, looking inward and asking questions of myself that were sometimes hard to answer. I've been there.

Now, I've created a new job, moved house and followed my passions. I'm looking to share what I've learned and support others to make the changes that are needed in their life.
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