what they said
Here's a few pieces of inspiration Nikki has received from clients.
New zealand
It's been life-changing
"Working with Nikki has been life-changing, we meet weekly and every week focus on a different part of my life that needs a bit of attention. My finances are now better than they've ever been, my priorities and focus for the week ahead and clear and focused and I have this wonderful sense of calm and control that I have sorely missed. I am a better mother, partner and person. I'm a better friend to myself."
New zealand
Life changing - I don't say that lightly
"You don’t realise how many deep seated subconscious beliefs you carry around with you and how they shape your behaviour and interactions with others.

Nikki's a great listener,  asks appropriate questions to dig deeper to a root of behaviour and then is compassionate, caring and nurturing in helping your work through your subconscious beliefs. I really feel my relationships with my husband, daughter and with myself have improved greatly."

Try it - it might just change your life.

"Of course I was skeptical when I first stumbled upon PSYCH-K®. I'll be honest with you, the scant literature that was available seemed fairly thin, and I am not sure I understand the entire process even now. What I will say is that we live the majority of our life subconsciously. This is a necessity because it would be simply impossible to be any other way.

Think of driving your car, could you really handle every morning going through a conscious routine of 'okay, plug your seatbelt in, check your mirror, put the key in the ignition, gently depress the accelerator...'. You get the idea...

I found it fascinating to learn that from birth to about ten we live our life in a perpetual 'theta' brain state. This means concepts and beliefs can enter our mind without the gatekeeper of the analytical mind. This is why that little kid in the supermarket aisle is dancing in circles like a maniac. She quite literally is in a dreamlike state! So, you're in this state and you come home from school and you show Mommy your drawing you did that day. And Mommy goes 'not right now darling'. Child A may internalise a belief that "Mommy is too busy to listen to me, ergo I'm not important, ergo, I'm worthless". Child B may hear "I'm not good at art" ergo, "I'm not creative" ergo, "avoid my creative self". These subconscious beliefs can underpin all sorts of behaviours for the rest of our lives - from our relationships with others, with food, with money...ourselves.

You may have absolutely no idea that these rather faulty beliefs are behind these patterns of behaviours.

PSYCH-K® offers an extremely quick and effective way of getting to these beliefs (even if your conscious mind doesn't recognise them) and changing them towards those that you want for your self, now.

Nikki lovingly and mindfully facilitates you on this amazing and transformative journey.

Try it: it just may change your life."
New Zealand
My eyes have been opened to a hopeful future
"I would like to acknowledge how amazing our sessions have been. The time I have spent with you has opened my eyes to a hopeful future. I have learnt a lot about myself and my core beliefs and I am now able to consciously recognize my 'subconscious' behaviors. You are warm, kind and encouraging and I am so grateful for the work we have done thus far. I will continue to engage in our sessions and I look forward to learning so much more."
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